Photo Renamer

Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10.

  • Photo Renamer automatically prefixes photos with date taken, including photos scanned or downloaded from the internet. Date will be in year, month and day format, so photos will always be in chronological order.

    A folder of photos can be automatically named e.g. garden, camping, cats. children

    DSC09827.jpg is renamed to 2020-04-18 1435 Garden.jpg

  • Date taken can be added to photos without a date e.g. scanned and downloaded photos.
  • Date taken can also be time-shifted. Useful for modifying photos taken in different timezones.
  • This application supports .jpg and .jpeg file types only.

Four photos in the Garden folder loaded into Delaney's Photo Renamer. As you can see the new file name is highlighted.

Change the time that the photo was taken, to adjust for different time zones, by sliding the Hour Shift slider and selecting Set Date Taken. In this example, the date taken has been changed by three hours.

Additions to file names can be made for individual or groups of photos e.g. Garden – coffee corner.

Hide the helper text to provide more room to work.

Hide the helper text to provide more room to work.

Zoom in to find hidden details.

All Delaney's desktop applications support night and day modes. To change modes click the sun or moon buttons. This is Delaney's Photo Renamer in day mode.

File names before renaming.

Photos after renaming.

Right mouse click on a renamed photo and select Properties from the list. Note the Created Date and Date Taken are not updated.

Scanned photos of a working holday in the 1920s.

Scanned photos of kittens on 1983